Sophie Gilles-Gagnon


Inspired by nature and all the shapes around her, Sophie is the youngest artist of the family. She appreciate asymmetric shape that brings originally and richness to her jewellery creations.

She brings a new vibe to the jewellery collection with her creations with enamelled copper wire. Inspired by pearls, semi-precious stones, she creates handmade pieces that are unique and distinctive.

Eager to perfect her art, she is taking classes to learn different techniques to combine silver and gold to work and with copper. She is learning more about the enamelled work and on how to work with silver.

Like her aunt Diane, she creates repoussé copper works. Watch her signature SGG on a few pieces in the boutique.

Since 2012, she also realises collective creations with her mother by creating flowers with copper wire to integrate to her mother’s paintings. To discover.


My creations