Albert Gilles

For nearly 100 years, the Gilles family has been renowned for its metal craftsmanship.

Its founder, Albert Gilles, was born in Paris in 1895. He was, at the age of 11, introduced to the art of ¨Repoussé¨ (metal embossing) by his aunt, and very quickly, this hobby became a passion. In 1926, he even won the first price for “Arts Décoratifs” in Paris.

Crossing the Atlantic in the 1930’s to benefit from the advantage of the ¨new world¨, he then put his talent to serve famous personalities. In Detroit, he decorated the house of the Fischer brothers of the GM CIE. And of Mr. Mendelson of Chrysler. Then he worked in California for the Universal Studios as a decorator. He received at this time orders from Mae West and Fredric March, actors of the ’30 and decorated the houses of Roy and Walt Disney.

In 1942, Pope Pius XII, mandate him for the creation of a chalice in gold and silver that would be given to the city of Montréal to commemorate the 300 anniversary of it’s foundation.

Then, he emigrated in Canada where he specialized in church decorations. From 1940 to 1960, he decorated many churches, Basilica and Cathedral in Canada and the United States. Were ordered Stations of the cross, doors, tabernacles, communion rails, baptismal funds and more.

Since his death, in 1979, his wife, daughters and granddaughter carry on his work, with the same tradition of excellence.

Our artists

Diane Gilles

Born in 1967, youngest  of  7 siblings,  she began to draw at the age of 9.  At first, she reproduced naïve and abstract drawings, and copied from patterns of her father.  She explored different techniques such as: pastels, poster paint,  Indian ink.

She discovers an interest for enamel and learns her first steps with the first wife of her father.  At the age of 11, watching her father work, she starts to discover the rudiments of  “repoussé”.  Her first work  represents young children, fishes and landscapes.  She is inspired by nature and relishes books on Art & drawing.

Always striving to improve and innovate, she is taking courses to incorporate other metals in her collection of jewellery, enamel and repoussé work.

Solange Gilles

Solange Gilles is a self-taught artist from Quebec City, daughter of the mastercraftman Albert Gilles.

Quite young, she demonstrated a deep interest for oil painting. She devolved her spare time to her passion. From 2008, it became her main motivation.

Taking from her father she also incorporated copper to her creations, as well as pearls and brass. She has exposed her paintings in different salons and on a regular basis at the A. Gilles Copper Shop & Museum in Chateau-Richer.

She has sold paintings to admirating fans from Quebec, Ontario, the States, Germany and Australia. She loves nature and translate it into her paintings.

Sophie Gilles-Gagnon

Inspired by nature and all the shapes around her, Sophie is the youngest artist of the family. She appreciate asymmetric shape that brings originally and richness to her jewellery creations.

She brings a new vibe to the jewellery collection with her creations with enamelled copper wire. Inspired by pearls, semi-precious stones, she creates handmade pieces that are unique and distinctive.

Eager to perfect her art, she is taking classes to learn different techniques to combine silver and gold to work and with copper. She is learning more about the enamelled work and on how to work with silver.

Like her aunt Diane, she creates repoussé copper works. Watch her signature SGG on a few pieces in the boutique.

Since 2012, she also realises collective creations with her mother by creating flowers with copper wire to integrate to her mother’s paintings. To discover.